Sekiseitai has mainly manufactured quality decorating bags and made remarkable progress in the confectionary industry for over a half of century.The factory and craftsmanship have been changed with times.The management philosophies and motivations of Sekiseitai are to keep providing higher quality products made by craftsman, based on a customer-first principle.

It is indispensable for making confectionery.We have elaborate handmade decorating bags of various materials and sizes. It will meet the need of individual customers.

A copli is a very convenient cooking part. It makes it easier to replace various kinds of decorating tips when you want to change decorating tips without changing bags.



Company name: Sekiseitai

Established: September 10, 1980

President & CEO: Daihaku Kato

Number of employees: 20


4-13, Machiya 6-chome, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-0001, Japan

TEL 03-3819-2255

TEL 03-3819-2789